Wednesday, May 2, 2007

My First RAK

Isn't this gorgeous!! Leslie Miller sent it to me, and I was doing a happy dance when I found this in my mailbox!! I'm sure most of you know of Leslie, but if you haven't checked out Leslie's blog, or SCS'll want to do that. You'll surely see why she is a Dirty Dozen Alumini! Everything she makes is 'frame worthy'. She has such a way with adding many elements to her designs, and they always work! (When-ever I add as much, it just looks like a jumbled mess). I think her idea of using her scalloped scissors to cut out the Seeing Spots circles is brilliant!! If you would like to check out how Leslie made this card, here's the link.

Besides being an amazing designer, Leslie is the sweetest, kind person. Thanks for making my day!! ;)


Pam/Iris said...

Lucky you Rose Ann! Beautiful card, I love Leslie's work!

Yvette said...

How wonderful to receive such a beautiful card, Rose Ann! Leslie's work is always fabulous!

beate said...

Oh...I loved that card when I saw it on Leslie's blog. And SHUT UP...this is your first RAK?
Man...I so need to send out more!

Alli said...

It's beautiful Rose Ann.