Friday, October 26, 2007

Another Tag

I'm sorry I don't have any artwork for you today. I spent most of the night helping my nine year old with homework, and trying to catch up on my blog reading. I hope to get something stamped while the boys are in school today, so I will have something fun to show you.

I was tagged by Dawn and Lindsey for the "7 things about you" tag. Both of these ladies' sites are regular visits of mine. They both totally ROCK!!

I don't know if any of this will be interesting to you, but here you go anyhow.

1) My first car was a manual transmission, and I taught myself how to drive it.
2) When I was young, I shared a bedroom with three of my four sisters. That's what you do when you come from a big
3) When I was little, I was considered on the thin side. My dog on the other hand, was a bit stocky. Guess who was giving most of her food to the dog.
4) I still have the childhood habit of twirling my hair. Some things you just can't outgrow.
5) My mom tells me I had a blankie when I was a baby, and cried when I left it anywhere. Out of ten kids, I was the only one who had this kind of an attachment. (I think I am becoming that way about my
6) I've been to Florida eight times, and two of those times...we were able to witness a shuttle taking off. We didn't even know that they were scheduled at the time.
7) Keith Urban had his arm around me once. ( was only a photo op at a concert).

Does anyone want to be tagged? If you do, make a list at your site, and post the link so we can check it out.

Thanks so much for visiting!!


Nancy Grant said...

So neat! I will be making my way with my husband to Florida next year in October! And to think you have been there eight times and say a shuttle take-off! WOW!!

fran said...

It IS nice to learn a little bit more about you! I can't imagine 10 kids!

Dawn Easton said...

Good Morning Rose Ann!

I love reading about others! I can't believe you taught yourself to drive a standard! Oh my goodness, to this day, I still can't drive one very well!
You certainly grew up in a large family but I bet it was a blast!!
Keith Urban...yummy! :)
Have a FABULOUS Friday!
Hope you get yourself some stamp time!

Lindsey said...

WOW!! You DID come from a big family!! WAHOOOO about Keith Urban! :D That's cool about the shuttles too!! :D

Libby said...

WOW, I had no idea you are from such a huge family!!