Saturday, June 23, 2007


We arrived at Ludington State Park on Father's Day...and what a wonderful way to celebrate! We fished on Hamlin Lake right off the dock in the park. The kids caught lots of small fish, and had so much fun! This park is the ultimate, because on the east side is a nice calm (very large) man made lake...and the west side is Lake Michigan. I would much rather swim and fish on the calm side with our smaller children. I took pictures of some beautiful irises in lavender and yellow that were all along the shoreline of Hamlin Lake. We were also lucky to see a Bald Eagle flying over the lake, which was a first for us.

Do you recognize the Big Sable Point Lighthouse? We enjoy hanging out at the beach by the lighthouse (much more secluded than the main beach). It is about a mile and a half hike (on foot or bike only) to get there. They allow you to go up into the lighthouse (for a small fee), and there is also a nice little store inside.

We love to hike the trails here as well. You are likely to see many deer, and they allow you very close observation of them. Usually they are Mommas with their awesome! We didn't see the otters this time, but usually they love to swim and play in Hamlin Lake. It was also a little chilly yet to float down the lazy river, (Big Sable River) although there were others doing it.

Ahhhh! The beautiful sunsets over Lake Michigan are so lovely! We have to get pictures every time we visit.


Heidi said...

Great pics Rose Ann! Glad you had a good time!

Leslie Miller said...

How wonderful! I'll bet you had such a good time! It's been toooooo long since I've had a get away like that. Thanks for sharing the pictures!