Saturday, June 2, 2007

Jeanna's RAK

Isn't it gorgeous? I played a little guessing game at Jeanna's blog and won! Wow....I love this card! It's even more beautiful IRL!! If you're not familiar with Jeanna, or her'll want to head over and see her beautiful creations. I always enjoy her stories as well (she has a goodie over there right now.) I can relate to many of them. Thanks so much Jeanna! You're awesome!

1 comment:

Jeanna said...

Glad you like it - because I feel like a big dork! I have some other goodies for you, but between trying to make sure I had everything together, and the "excitement" of getting out of the house to go mail stuff (woo hoo) The goodies are on my table! Yikes. Big Dork! Oh well, I guess it will give me another excuse to get out of the house soon :)