Monday, April 23, 2007

I've Been Tagged by Heidi & Julie

I've been tagged by Heidi & Julie. Both are amazing stampers, so you'll want to check out their blogs (if you don't already). *wink*

This time we are supposed to tell 7 tidbits about ourselves...then tag 7 others.

1. I am #8 of ten children (five brothers/ four sisters)
2. I am a Diet Coke-aholic
3. I used to try and meet my favorite singers when I went to their concerts. I've met Rick Springfield, Kenny Loggins, JoDee Messina, and my favorite... Keith Urban. (I wanted to meet Bryan Adams so bad...but was only lucky enough to catch his guitar pick at a concert once).
4. When I was little, I used to slide down our carpeted stairway doing the "center" splits.
5. I played a trick on my brother when I was younger, and took all the raisins out of the Raisin Bran just to see the reaction.
6. Before I met my DH, my Mom and I took a day trip here in Michigan...not knowing where we were going (we used to do this frequently). My sister was staying on Mackinac Island with her teen church group. Well....needless to say, we ended up in the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island and found my sister (boy was she shocked). We couldn't stay because we had to catch the last boat back for the night...and I didn't have the funds to stay there.
7. My favorite vacation is camping in the UP of Michigan (but I also love Ludington State Park). I love the "Porkies"! who shall I tag?? Alli, Dawn, Leslie, Pam, Lori, Bethany, and Adelina


Splashryan said...

I was going to tag you but others beat me to it. I love your blog and your creations! BTW, I have been in LOVE with Bryan my entire life. He is so awesome! How excitng to have met tose singers!

Take Care
Tara ( )

Kate said...

Hey, where in MI do you live? My hubby and I also love the Porkies, but frequent Ludington SP all the time. We were just there kayaking on Sunday! We live in Algoma Twp, near the Rockford/Cedar Springs/Sparta area. Maybe we're neighbors!

(P.S. I've been reading your blog for about a month now, but this is my first time commenting. Love your work!)

Dawn said...

OH my it's so wonderful How Gof Knew you loved Michigan even before you knew HUH? Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself girlie ..
Love ya